Why is there no response from Trump on Eminem’s freestyle?

Eminem is back on track with his freestyle ‘the storm‘ that has shocked people all around the world.

Ever since ‘the storm’ was shown to the world on the BET hip hop awards Eminem has become one of the hottest topics not only in the celebrities circle but also on the everyday life of all normal people. His anti-Trump freestyle immediately made him one of the top three famous people on the Social 50 chart ranking of Billboard.

Also labelled as the fiercest anti-Trump hip hop creation ever, ‘the storm’ caused a lot of our rapper’s fans to be in a dilemma between choosing Eminem or Trump. So far the video has reached 35 million views on YouTube and is still growing.

Along with the video came the news of Eminem releasing his album really soon which hopefully is true as all the fans are eager for it.

But there is something that has been bugging a lot of people lately. After all those insults on the 4 min video there has been no response from Donald Trump. Which is really surprising as he always loves ‘a good fight’.

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Some say that he is scared of responding because this fight wouldn’t benefit him in any way and it might even harm him. A ‘fight’ between these two people will make the public choose between supporting either one of them, and since they have similar audience it will only cause Trump to lose public support and make Eminem Even more famous.

Other people think that Trump is waiting for Eminem to release his new album and then if the album is not as successful as expected there will be lots of tweets on twitter by the president making fun of the rapper.

The above are just speculations and we don’t know the truth. It might be something far worse like him being in danger or just Trump ignoring it and not bothering to respond.

What do you think the real reason Trump still has not responded to ‘the storm’ is? Leave a comment below.