Where are 8 Mile’s characters now?

Our B-rabbit has become the most famous rapper in the world, winning 13 Grammys so far.

Kim Basinger playing the role of Stephanie Smith went on her acting career playing in movies like Charlie St. Cloud, Cellular, also winning an Academy Award

Brittany Murphy playing the role of Alex unfortunately died in December 20, 2009 at age 32 beacuese of drugs and anemia, but till 2009 she kept up with her acting career playing on movies like Uptown Girls.

Michael Shannon playing the role of Greg Buehl had high success on his career after 8 Mile, he became nominated for his role on Revolutionary Road, and has played many famous movies.

Anthony Mackie playing the role of Greg Papa Doc(Clarence). 8 Mile became the start of his career becoming a really famous actor, flaying on movies such as:The Hurt Locker and All the Way.

Evan Jones playing the role of Cheddar Bob also continued on his acting career playing in A Million Ways to Die in the West and much more.

Taryn Manning playing the role of Janeane has become really famous with her role on the Netflix series Orange is the new black

Mekhi Phifer playing the role of ‘Future’ continued acting, playing roles on the drama ER and the Divergent series

Eugene Byrd playing the role of Wink continued on his career at acting taking roles on TV series such as True Blood and Bones .

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for Chloe Greenfield playing the role of little Lily. Just like evryone else she

went on with her acting career playing on the television series ER, and the series “Molly’s Mall”.

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