Facts about Eminem ever fan must know

1- Eminem was bullied in school because of his small body, he failed the class three times and eventually dropped out

2-Before when he used drugs he would take around 60 valium and 30 vicodin daily

3- ‘Slim Shady’ one of his most famous characters was created when he was on the bathroom

4- The shoes Eminem wears are size 10½

5- Eminem was beaten into a coma for a week when he was little

6-Janet Jacme is Shady’s favorite porn star

7- Eminem was sued by his bully D’Angelo Bailey for ruining his reputation on ‘brain damage’

8- Eminem still doesn’t know how to use the computer, at least he is managing his page by himself

9- Eminem has said that he doesn’t want a marriage or other children anymore

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