The Most Recent Pics Of Eminem’s Daughter Have Us Shook

Tell me I wasn’t the only one obsessed with Eminem’s “Mockingbird” growing up. We all know that it was about his daughter, Hailie Jade Scott. We’ve been able to see her transformation throughout the years, and it’s quite impressive! She’s stayed out of the spotlight for the most part and only makes casual appearances on social media when she sees fit. It’s crazy that she’s now 21 years old and looks to be living quite the fabulous life. Check it out and prepare to be jealous.

It was pretty obvious from the start that Eminem had a strong connection with his daughter, Hailie.

We’ve loved being able to see her grow up over the years.

It’s pretty crazy how she transformed right before our eyes.

See??? Talk about transformation.

She’s actually only in high school here.

Not surprisingly, she was crowned homecoming queen.

Apparently, Eminem watched the event over a livestream because he didn’t want to take the moment away from his daughter. How sweet!

We got to see her attend prom…

And even graduate high school! She now studies at Michigan State University.

She’s now 21 years old, and we were SHOOK by her latest Instagram pics.

Shook, I tell you.

Is she not totally gorgeous?

Not going to lie, I want her life. Could you imagine being the daughter of a famous rapper?

Also, just take a second and LOOK AT HOW CUTE HER PUP IS.

I want it.