The 13 Best Twitter Reactions to Eminem & Beyoncé’s ‘Walk on Water’

We’re sorry, unsuspecting Twitter user. You likely braced yourself days ago for the deluge of Taylor Swift praise and panning that would inevitably flood your feed as the singer released Reputation on Friday (Nov. 10). What you probably didn’t expect, however, was “Walk on Water.”

The new Eminem/Beyoncé collaboration ignited a firestorm on Twitter. Stans and Beyhive members showed up to voice their opinions on the track; some supported the union, others took clear sides, and many thanked the duo for diverting attention from Swift on her release day.
Here are the best Twitter reactions to “Walk on Water”:

me pretending to like Eminem because Beyonce is on a song with him
— all that and a bag of chips (@TiffanyIsesele) November 10, 2017

when Beyoncé’s singing turns to Eminem’s part

— reggie (@1942bs) November 10, 2017