Shocking!! 2 Chainz is working on Eminem’s new album.

Great news to all Eminem fans!

2 Chainz is working on Eminem’s new album, confirming that there definitely is an album and hopefully to be released this year.

On June 24th of this year Tity Boi posted on instagram a photo of him and Eminem saying: Sooo this jus happened ……#marshalllikestrapmusic

Sooo this jus happened ……#marshalllikestrapmusic 🌸🏚🤧

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This raised the suspicions of Eminem and Tity working together.Still they were just speculations, but on DJ Drama’s Shade 45 program, Streetz Iz Watchin 2 Chainz siad that he and Eminem will be working together on a song from the upcoming album.

2 Chainc said that one day Denaun Porte a common friend between Slim Shady and Titty gave him a call saying that Eminem wanted to work with him on a song. Tity was truly shocked hearing that Eminem wanted to work with him  so they imediately got in touch with each other. “He didn’t want to talk about nothing but rapping. That was a great phone call to get.”-Said Tity about the conversation with Eminem.

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“I’ve heard it all, you know what I’m saying? I’ve heard it all. You know, this like rap talk. It’s like, you see a rapper in the club and you’re like, ‘Let’s do one.’ It’s cap, you know what I mean? So you know, he’s like, ‘The boy wanna do something with you.’ And I’m like, ‘Whatever.’”

Then they meet up at Rick Rubin’s crib, where Eminem told him about doing a remix of his song together, but Tity didn’t accept he asked getting on the original song as a featured artist, “I tell him straight up… Eminem, what would you need a remix for? Remixes are used to carry records to No. 1 spots. When have you ever did a remix for someone or for yourself? That’s cap at it’s finest,”-Said 2 Chainz

In the end they got to an agreement where Tity is added as a featured artist making some small changes in the song like adding some Chainzy lines here and there.

The interview on DJ Drama’s Shade 45 program

Down below you’ll find the interview on DJ Drama’s Shade 45 program, Streetz Iz Watchin. The talk about the collaboration lasts until the 17:35 mark on the video. After that there’s talk about the recent 2 Chainz and Kanye West spending some family time together.

Lately Eminem’s being really mentioned on social media starting from the news of the new film ‘bodied’. The curtain Call’s record ranking on Billboard to the news of collaborations like 2 Chainz and Dr.Dre.

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