New Album! Good News! Confirmed by Skylar Grey Itself

Billboard caught up with Skylar Grey at AMAs’ red carpet, where she talked about Eminem, how “Walk on Water” was created, her upcoming album, what performing “Stan” meant for her and more. When Interviewer asked “Could there be another Skylar Grey song on the album,” she replied:

-You tweeted that “walk on water” was the song that you have wanted to write since you were six years old…talk about that.. what makes this song special?

“I think that on the lyrics of ‘walk of water’ I really did my best work, finally… I’m just so proud of it, I feel that I have reached my mark… where I have been trying to aim for as a songwriter… I’m the most proud of that song of the most things I have made.”

-Were you and Eminem in the studio writing that together, or how did that sort of come out? Can you talk about that studio session?

“I found that he was making another album and I reached out to his manager… and we talked a bit.. and I went home sat on the piano and wrote ‘walk on water’  and sent it off to him”

Will there be any other Skylar Grey songs on revival on Eminem’s next album?

“I don’t know”

-Will there be?

“Maybe…I mean… you never know. Sometimes people don’t know if he has a song with you until the album comes out…I’ve hear a little bit of pieces of the album Revival and of course my lips are zipped.”

Watch the full interview below: