All we know about Eminem’s upcoming new album

Here’s all the information we have abut Eminem’ new album till now

Ever since the Slim Shady LP got published Eminem’s fame continued to grow, and for these last two decades he has been labelled as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Now his fans all around the world are eagerly waiting for his new album to show up. But will there really be a new album? If yes when is it gonna be published? Will it be this year? Most importantly what kind of songs will be in this new album and what collaborations will he make? Down below you’ll find all we know about Slim Shady’s upcoming new album.

Since Oct. 19, 2016 when Eminem published his “new song”  campaign speech every Eminem fan got their hopes up because along with this song came a message from Slim Shady saying that a new album will be coming really soon.As to when we don’t know anything. More news came after campaign speech saying that the new album would be released on July and then they said that it would be released on the end of 2017. But for most people these news looked like scams more than real information. But then a picture containing a list of Eminem’s new album tracks came up, and not only that but the album’s name “Success” along with information on the collaborations Slim Shady would make. Such as Dr. Dre being an executive producer, Dj Premier, The Neptunes, Just Blaze, Mr. Porter, and Symboloc One, and of course singers like The Weekend, Rihana, Adele etc.

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Bout all that happened at the end of 2016, and by the passing of time people understood that most of the information was wrong. Still all of the rapper’s fans didn’t get their hopes down because after that a chain of news came up like Eminem appearing on Big Sean’s album “I decided”, the leaks of the so called recording of a track from Eminem’s album, his picture with his friend and manager Paul Rosenberg, Mr.Porter’s ‘hints’ saying that it was almost time for Eminem to drop a new album.

Then after all these news we get the shocking confirmation of 2-Chainz confirming he did a song with Eminem and the rumors of Dr.Dre being on board.

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All these confirm that Eminem is definitely making a new album. As for when it will be released that is for the rapper to decide. So all we need to do is keep our hopes up and wait for a new era of Eminem’s rap.