It’s Official: Cat People Are Way Weirder Than Dog People

Look, Idon’t want to seem elitist or anything, but THIS IS A REAL PRODUCT:

It’s called the Licki and its actual purpose is so that you can LICK YOUR CAT (while brushing them, I guess?)

Says PDX, the creator of Licki: “Cats groom each other as a form of social bonding. As a human, you are left out of this intimate ritual.”

I am STRESSING out right now.

Here are some reviews:



“My daughter uses this every day to lick all three of our cats!” – Anon

“This is a genuine ‘cat-positive’ toy.”

“The intensity of bonding you receive with this item is unbelievable, it’s like you’ve become a cat yourself!” – Jessica R.

Make no mistake, cat people of the universe. This is basically an adult toy for human/cat interactions, and listen, you do you, but I think your cat should have a say in the matter.

And before you try to tell me cat people won’t buy this, please note that it came to market after raising $52,179 on Kickstarter.