Is Eminem finally making a new movie?

There’s word of Eminem making a new movie which hopefully contains thrilling rap battles just like 8 mile.

Here is the trailer for Eminem’s new film ‘bodied’.

Finally on 2017 we hear about an new film from Eminem something that his fans have been waiting for a long time. After 8 Mile Eminem didn’t take part on a noteworthy film and ‘southpaw’ marked his end on the filming industries so ‘bodied’ is a shocking news to all fans and hopefully a great film.  ‘Bodied’ just like 8 mile will be all about rap battles and competitions, but this time Eminem is the producer of the movie.

The film will be directed by Joseph Kahn a famous music video director. Who has conducted videos for lots of famous singers such as Eminem,Dr Dre, 50 Cent, Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5 etc. The director of “Love The Way You Lie”, “Without Me”, and “Spacebound”

The premiere will show up at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of 2017.

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The film will have tension filled rap battles where people “fight on the stage with words as their weapons”.

Of course just like all rap battle based films there will be a lot of rappers participating such as: Dumbfounded, Hollow Da Don, Loaded Lux, and Disaster. Hopefully in my opinion it would be great if we saw some of the “old times” rappers battling on stage.’Bodied’ also includes actors such as Anthony Michael Hall, Jackie Long, Alter Perez, Rory Uphold, Debra Wilson, and Shoniqua Shanda.


On the second part of the trailer we see Megaton vs Googles which by the looks of it is on the losing side. We can safely assume that the so called “googles” whose name we don’t know yet is the main character of this film. As we can see on the trailer the MC is being “beat down to a pulp” by Megaton. Hopefully just like 8 mile a lot of fans expect a great comeback by this guy fiercely beating everyone on his way. And maybe making a new legend just like Eminem did.

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As we have seen on the news Eminem is getting a lot more active this year be it the new trailer for ‘bodied’ or the news for his new album coming out.This is good new for all Eminem fans who have been waiting for a long time for him to come to light again and listen to the masterpieces of one of the best rappers of all time.