‘He’s the DIM SHADY.’ Dana Loesch trolling Eminem with his own words (and gun charges) WINS Twitter

You know that old saying, morons in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? It applies double to gun-grabbers who rap (we think that’s what Eminem does) about guns and shooting people … OH, and triple to gun-grabbers who have been arrested on two gun-related charges.

What’s that other saying? OOOOOPSIE.

Seeing this from Dana Loesch just absolutely WINS Twitter with all of the crap she’s been putting up from people just like Eminem over the past month.

It gets better:


Was that supposed to be a love song? WOW. But sure, Marshall, tell us more about how evil Trump is and how you blame the NRA for violence.


On that note, Eminem is the real DIM SHADY … (mad props and all the credit goes to Doug Powers for coming up with this Eminem nickname the other day).

Oh yes she DID.

And he SO had it coming.

Yeah no.

He is ‘dim’ and ‘shady’.

We could make jokes with that ALL DAY.


‘Nuff said.