Fans Think Eminem Is ‘Untouchable’ After His Attack on White Privilege

After receiving flack for his pop-heavy track list on his new album Revival, Eminem quickly won back his legion of fans on Thursday night (Dec. 7) with his searing record “Untouchable.”

Known for his unapologetic candor, Eminem boldly tackles systematic racism, white privilege and crooked cops from a white perspective in a matter of six minutes. For Em, because of his race, he feels safe — even, perhaps, untouchable — while his black counterparts struggle to endure countless acts of racism on a daily basis. Because of his audaciousness, Eminem was praised by Twitter for diving into those controversial topics fearlessly.

See what Twitter had to see about “Untouchable” below.

Listening to Untouchable by Eminem,,using his white privilege to advocate for black lives ——– nothing but respect for my president #revival

A white rapper talking about racial inequality and white privilege in such a booming and unapologetic manner. This is just what we needed eminem—- #Untouchable