Fan Claims Eminem Personally Called Her For Decoding The Name Of His Album

“I was nervous AF & I’m sure sounded like an idiot”.

Rumours of Emimen’s new album have been spinning within the hip-hop community since the end of summer.

The legendary rapper has been dropping hints a plenty over the past few weeks, but one eagle-eyed fan made sure she was the first to decipher Shady’s clues.

Eminem superfan Tara Monterosso decoded the name of Sim’s upcoming ninth studio album – ‘Revival’ – in mid-October after correctly identifying it during an airing of SNL.

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Monterosso tweeted her experience, claiming that Eminem personally tracked her down and spoke to her over the phone about her detective skills.

“Today [my friend and I] got a phone call from Marshall Mathers himself,” she wrote.

“I was nervous AF & I’m sure sounded like an idiot, but that was an awesome reward for realizing ‘Revival’ was his new album before anyone else. Can’t wait to hear it all.”

She continued: “It was a quick convo… he asked how we figured it out, what tipped us off. I told him and then he said congrats or great job. It was a blur.”

“He talked a little more about askaboutrevival campaign and then we said goodbye,” she added. “I didn’t want to ask too many questions and overstep. It was quick but crazy!”

Eminem is yet to confirm whether the incident actually occurred.


Meanwhile, the rapper was recently criticised by some of his fans for his performance on Saturday Night Live last week.

The rapper performed a rendition of his new Beyoncé-assisted single ‘Walk On Water’, alongside chart-topping hits ‘Stan’ and ‘Love The Way You Lie’.

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