Faith Hill’s Leg Had Everyone Talking During The 2017 CMA Awards

Faith Hill has been an iconic country artist since the early ’90s with hits like “This Kiss” and “It Matters to Me.”

And at the CMA Awards this year, she was looking flawlessly beautiful (per usual).

But what also looked flawlessly beautiful was her leg.

Just look at it glisten in the lights.

Anyways, Faith was performing “The Rest of Our Life” alongside Tim McGraw, her hubby of TWENTY YEARS.

I’m crying, guys.

And here’s a closer version so you don’t have to zoom. You’re welcome.

Notice the girl in the back just waiting for Faith to turn around so she can catch a glimpse of that stunning leg.

People on Twitter obviously took notice.

Actually, they were downright preoccupied by it.

It even reminded some of an old Christmas favorite…

For reference — in case you’ve been living under a rock and have never seen A Christmas Story — this is the iconic leg lamp from the movie.

Faith’s leg is better, TBH.

In conclusion, Faith doesn’t age and her legs don’t either.*

*Although we’ve only been blessed to see one of them, we are fairly certain the other is just as perfect.