Everything We Know So Far About Eminem’s ‘Revival’

Even before his instantly-iconic appearance at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards, there was some serious hype for Eminem‘s Revival, the rapper’s ninth album proper. Now of course, in the wake of his cypher that set the pop culture blogosphere alight and reinvigorated his standing in the hip-hop world, the upcoming record has become a high-water mark in the calendar of 2017 releases, with music journalists everywhere snapping at each potential bit of news.

With the release date largely assumed to be this Friday, November 17, here is a rundown of everything we know so far about Eminem’s Revival.

It is (most likely) coming out on Friday, November 17
There has yet to be an official confirmation of this release date from either Eminem or the label, but it seems more than fair to assume Revival is arriving on November 17. Aside from Shady Records’ Mr. Porter insinuating that the album would arrive in the fourth quarter of 2017, sly internet sleuths pointed out in the elaborate ad campaign that made headlines last month that Interscope’s print ads expire on the – you guessed it – 17th of this month.

And if that isn’t enough to satisfy you, the less-than-coincidental scheduling of Eminem as Saturday Night Live‘s musical guest the very same weekend should solidify the notion that this is indeed album-drop weekend.

“Walk on Water” is the project’s lead single
Released over the weekend, “Walk on Water” has been confirmed by Em in various sources to be Revival’s lead single.

It also features Beyoncè, who agreed to sing the hook of the track only after some convincing by JAY-Z. This little nugget of information was revealed over the weekend on the premiere episode of a new podcast from producer Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell. Eminem was their first guest, and he opened up on the making of the track. “It’s a very mortal song. It’s mortality, it’s not being Superman,” he says. Listen to the podcast below.

There will be a 2 Chainz collaboration
Yes, you read that correctly. In an interview with Shade 45, the Atlantan iconoclast let slip that he has been in the studio with Eminem. “That’s how I know I can rap,” 2 Chainz says in reference to their work together. Watch his comments around the 17:30 mark below.

Dr. Dre lent his hand for some production work
Allen Hughes, director of the recent four-part documentary on Dr. Dre titled The Defiant Ones, spoke in an interview with Uproxx about Dre’s recent activities – confirming that he is involved in Eminem’s latest. “Right now he’s producing, in the 11th hour, a track for Eminem’s latest album,” he says.

Another seeming confirmation of Dre’s involvement comes courtesy of the aforementioned fake medicinal ads that first announced Revival. One such ad provided a telephone number, which when called played portions of “I Need a Doctor,” Dre’s hit featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey that climbed the charts in 2011.

It is assumed to be the closing part of a trilogy.
The promotional-blitz that heavily skewered the pharmaceutical industry is one of many indicators that Revival will be the closing portion – or at least, a continuation – of a trilogy of albums that began with 2009’s Relapse and continued with 2010’s Recovery. The title alone seems enough to correlate the upcoming album with his previous work.

It’s going to be ‘Trump-centric’
If that BET Awards cypher didn’t clue you in, Eminem is incensed at today’s political landscape, and is taking issue it with it in a more direct fashion than many of his peers are. But it seems that the cypher was but a taste of things to come, if the sources who spoke to Digital Music News are anything to go by.

One source says that the cypher heard round the world may be Revival‘s opening song, saying that “You might even hear that freestyle as track 1.” Another source confirmed that though the album addresses the President, “not every [album] track is about Trump,” but regardless, Eminem is “definitely letting his feelings be known.”


SOURCE: highsnobiety