One doesn’t have to be a huge fan of a rap artist to acknowledge they are pretty good person. Many of the artists that have rough upbringings, and are callus to a degree on the tracks may have the biggest hearts. It’s always a goof look when we see artist giving back to the community, but it is just as moving when they can step in for their families.

We all know marriages happen, and end, and in Hip-Hop the ending can be super ugly. We could be hearing of fallouts, hurt, and dirty laundry on the nest album. If you are an Eminem fan you are no stranger to his past, his family, his marriage, his divorce and the love he has for his daughter. Some may have found it shocking to know he acknowledges three young ladies as daughter.

For all technical purposes Eminem has one biological daughter, Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, with his ex-wife Kimberly Scott. Many of his fans absolutely fell in love with the love he has for his baby girl. Well if that made your heart swell this will put it in overdrive. Kimberly Scott had a child, Whitney Scott Mathers, from a previous relationship, and Eminem would love as his own, and she and Hailie would be raised as sisters.
Granted they have the same mother, but they also share the Mathers name. How he came by the third daughter is a testament to family, and that family is deeper than blood. Kimberly Scott had a twin sister that was seriously battling heroin addiction. She had a daughter named Amanda Marie Scott who ended up in the custody of Eminem due to her addiction and legal battles. Eminem would adopt his niece and change her name to Alaina Marie Mathers. In 2016 Alaina’s mother would pass from heroin overdose. The thing is she is the cousin of Hailie, and Whitney, but since Eminem had custody of all three girls he raised them together as sisters.
With the exception of Hailie, this immediate family base stems from his ex-wife’s side of the family, but regardless of how they came to be these are the daughters of Eminem. He is said to be very endearing to them, and he loves to shower them with beautiful things. In addition to these lovely ladies he also raised his half-brother. Eminem is said to be quite the devoted family man, despite the rough exterior. This is love at its best. I have a deepened respect for Eminem.