Eminem’s Top 10 songs ever made – Ranked from the best!

Eminem is finally producing a New Movie 😀 but before that we have prepared for you a list of Top Ten Eminem Songs.

One of the most known rappers of the 21st century Marshall Mathers aka Eminem. Even though not so active these couple of years his songs are still famous and heard by a lot of people. The newest stats from Billboard state that Eminem songs have stayed on the 200 for the longest time ever recorded for rap songs this year.

Also known as the rapper who really climbed his stairs of success from the bottom of the society.Born on October 17, 1972, in St. Joseph, Missouri Marshall didn’t have a normal childhood like all kids.His father abandoned his family and left him with just his mother, who had a lot of trouble kepping her jobs for more than one or two month so they were always moving houses making Eminem not have a lot of friends change schools often, making him get often bullied at school.

But the past remains the past, after he got married and became a father he made his first rap album “Infinite” which didn’t attract much attention. In 1999 he published the “Slim Shady LP“after two years of work with his friend Dr.Dre, which made his fame skyrocket and paved his way to success.After that he made many more songs that made him even more famous such as ‘My Name Is’ , ‘Stan’, ‘Love the Way You Lie’.

Down below you will find the 10 top rated songs ever made by Eminem based on my own opinion.Hope you like it!

Top Ten Eminem Songs

1-Lose Yourself

The leading single from 8 Mile Eminem Film talks about rap battles in the film.


If “Lose Yourself” is the last trumpet, “Stan” is the first. Mathers was a talented writer before this song, but he was also a bit self-obsessed.

This song takes second place in the top 10 Eminem Songs.

3-The real slim shady

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A lot of fans say that The real slim shady is the song that made our rapper known thorough the world and i kinda agree to that. Also well known as a song where a lot of celebrities are dissed such as:Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson.

4-Till i collapse


Till i collapse takes 4th place in our list for the motivation it gives which surpasses even Not afraid

5-My name is

On this song we meet with slim shady another character created by Marshall.A funny one even.Although a little different from the normal songs Slim makes, it reached sky high views and likes from the audience giving him the first Grammy award.

6-Not afraid

Also named as one of the most inspirational song made by Eminem.Not afraid  commented by the fans as pure motivation takes 6th place in our top 10 list

7-Cleanin’ out my closed

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Cleanin’ out my closed is a song representing Eminem’s past, childhood on how his father left him alone with his mother Debbie Mathers, and how she mistreated him.We can say that this song represents Eminem’s shady thoughts, a confession on how much he “hated” his mother and how much he wanted a normal family that could take care of him.

8-Without me

Just like the name says,Without me was made by Eminem to show how empty it is without him.The video is made like a classic comic book making it seem very funny to the fans.

9-When im gone

Released on December 6, 2005 also one of Eminem’s hits and i can say one of the most touching ones.A song with raw emotion which made a lot of people cry .Although not described as very good by the critics, the fans themselves say that this is one of a kind song that affects many people.

10-Rap god

Named as the song with Eminem’s fastest verses with an average number of 97 words for every 15 seconds.Added on the Guinness book of world record as the song with the most words 1560 to be exact.Commented from the fans as “6 mins of true rap which no one else can do except for him”