Eminem shows up in the BET hip hop awards with a special hello for Trump

Eminem releases his freestyle on the BET awards with a really anti-Trump political rap.

The freestyle is called the storm and just by its name it is a gigantic storm of Trump offending words.

We can say that ‘the storm’ is probably the fiercest anti-Trump hip hop creations ever made with almost every row of the 4 minutes video meaning f*** Trump.

There lost of direct lines meant for offending Trump like him being a racist 95-year old grandpa, or berating him for choosing to remove the immigrants.

He also raps about the presidents feud Senator John McCain, Colin Kaepernick, the recent white supremacist march in Charlottesville and of course his decision to make a wall in the border with mexico.

Along the video Eminem says to his fans to decide between him or Donald Trump. For the ones choosing the last one “f*** you” he says.

For Marshall using these kind of inappropriate words is just fitting to the words Donald uses. ‘Cause like [Trump] in politics, I’m using all of his tricks.”

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The video was shared on twitter and it really soon reached 20 million views on the YouTube channel.

Along with this freestyle we also got news of Eminem releasing his new album on November 17th.

Here is the video of Slim Shady’s freestyle, ‘the storm’:

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