Eminem new album update: Work completed,Rap god will be releasing album really soon

As we all know Eminem is releasing his new album this year.

All this year there have been different news about Eminem’s new album, starting from the release date, collaborators, and of course the possible songs he will make.

The news officially started from the campaign speech where Eminem said that he has an new album coming up. Then we got news of him working with artists like 2 Chainz, Pink and Dr.Dre. As we all know the album will be released this fall but not anything more specific.

But Mr.Porter Eminem’s long time producer broke the ice on a recent livestream, where he said that the album is supposedly “done”.

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“Am I working on Eminem’s album? No… We are done. How about that?”

Mr. Porter: «Eminem's album now are done! It's amazeballs!»

Posted by Eminem50Cent.ru on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

From his words we can say that his new album is already finished and it will be released really soon, so get ready Stans because Shady is back again.

Also check out the news of his new movie “Bodied”.

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