Eminem Is Transforming Into Mariah Carey Dressed As Eminem — See Pics

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Mind = blown. Eminem nearly broke the internet when photos surfaced of him rocking a beard, but now fans are going wild for a new reason! Eminem looks just like Mariah Carey did when she dressed up as him in her 2009 music video for ‘Obsessed.’

Eminem, 44, was known for his edgy style and buzzed platinum hair during the “The Real Slim Shady” era, so fans were obviously floored when the rapper debuted a scruffy beard on June 22. Now, fans are freaking after an article on Buzzfeed highlighted some eerie similarities to the new Eminem and the one Mariah Carey, 47, portrayed in her 2009 music video for “Obsessed.” The songstress channeled her inner MC, previously rocking a fake beard, hoodie and more. The site took the liberty of comparing photos of the modern-day Eminem to Mariah dressed as him and there is a resemblance!

“In conclusion, Mariah predicted the future because she is a legend. Maybe someday Eminem will hit that whistle note, something he has yet to achieve,” author Matt Stopera wrote, next to side-by-side photos. Eminem and Mariah were feuding for several years, but maybe now he’s paying homage. Even though she always denied having a romance with Eminem, he wasn’t afraid to tell the world his side of the story! “What you trying be? My new wife? / What, you Mariah? Fly through twice,” he rapped on “Superman.”

The “Lose Yourself” rapper revealed his new look at the premiere of The Defiant Ones on June 22, sending fans into a frenzy with his rugged facial hair. Eminem was with the legendary Dr. Dre, 52, for the special occasion, so many were hoping that it could mean new music is on the way. Eminem’s last critically acclaimed album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, dropped in 2013, and they’re ready for more sizzling new jams since he always brings that fire!

Do you think Eminem looks like Mariah dressed as him?