Eminem is finally dropping his new album this autumn

Eminem just announced the release time of his new album

After all this time the good news that all Eminem fans have been waiting came today. Eminem has officially accepted that he has been making a new album, and that album will be released at the end of summer beginning of autumn.

Finally after the Marshall Mathers Lp 2 was released 4 years ago on 2013 Eminem is becoming active again in the music industry. Along with the news of the new film ‘bodied’ will be published our Slim Shady’s popularity is reaching the skies. With lots of people on social media speaking about it.
The rumors of Eminem making a new album started a year ago when Eminem posted on twitter ‘Campaign Speech’  an anti-Trump freestyle released before the election.

As this was official news by Eminem everyone trusted it and were hoping for a soon to come information about when this album would be published. But that didn’t happen until now.
Although there were news like the leakage of his album’s name and titles of songs. Collaborations and a release date (July  2017) that was just unofficial and not trusted information. But it didn’t end just there, lots of famous rappers and musical artists accepted that there would be a new album featuring rappers. Like 2 Chainz, Dr.Dre, singers like Rihana and Adele, and more collaborations like Dj Premier, The Neptunes, Just Blaze, Mr. Porter.

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Still these were just speculations based on the leaked photo of the so called new album. But after that singers and rappers themselves accepted that really soon the album will be published and a few of them would possibly or lets say certainly be part of that like Dr.Dre or 2 Chainz.
Me personally and lots of his fans are eagerly waiting for this album. We’ve been waiting for four years after all! But most importantly everyone hopes that Eminem has made masterpieces like he did on ‘Curtain Call’.