Eminem addresses negative Revival album reviews with diss track

‘Not as raw as I was, ’Walk On Water’ sucked? / B***h, suck my dick’

Last year, Eminem released his ninth studio album, Revival, featuring tracks with Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, and Alicia Keys.

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Despite the celebrated guests, the majority of critics were particularly harsh about the rapper’s Trump-bashing effort.

Marshall Mathers has seemingly taken the criticism to heart, posting a remix of Revival tack “Chloraseptic,” featuring some stinging barbs aimed at those who disliked the album and the Beyoncé-featuring track and lead single ‘Walk on Water’.

During his verse, Eminem mocks those comparing him to Macklemore: “Rap mature, why can’t you be like Macklemore? / Why you always gotta smack a whore?”

Featuring 2 Chains and Phresher, the track has been uploaded to Spotify which you can listen to below.

One particularly ferocious part goes:

Not as raw as I was, ’Walk On Water’ sucked?

B***h, suck my dick

Y’all saw the tracklist and had a fit ‘fore you heard it

So you formed your verdict

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While you sat with your arms crossed

Did your little reaction videos and talked over songs

Nah dog, y’all saying I lost it, your f**king marbles are gone.

Eminem later goes:

You just called my s**t trash

Thank God, I rap better when the odds are stacked

Revival’s wack, I don’t like the ‘Zombie’ track

Or when he’s talkin’ that garbage psychotic crap

Where’s your content at? What’s with all the conscious rap?

P!nk, Beyoncé this and Kehlani that

I just added to the fuel in my rocket pack

Read The Independent’s review of Revival here. Meanwhile, Eminem has been announced as one of this year’s Coachella headliners, The Weeknd and Beyoncé also topping the bill.