Coatbridge ‘My Boy Lollipop’ singing sensation is rapper known as ‘Slim’ to pals

THE Coatbridge woman who became an online sensation after singing ‘My Boy Lollipop’ at a funeral is a rapper known as ‘Slim’ among friends.
In another clip which has since resurfaced online, the woman has been compared to the American superstar Eminem after a living room rendition of his hit Stan.
During the clip, she is cheered on by friends as she raps along to every word from the hit 2000 song.

Originally posted on Youtube in 2016, it too has now gone viral on social media.
Uploading the clip to Facebook, the poster said: “Turns out it’s not only funerals she sings at. #Feminem”
The post has already been viewed almost 223,000 times in under 24 hours as social media users go mad for the Scot’s rap efforts.
One commenter said: “Someone must know who she is. I want to hire her for a funeral.”

Another added: “She’s more famous by the minute.”
“I want her to sing this at my funeral,” was another reply.
The Evening Times was first to report on Monday how the woman paid a unique tribute to a loved one at a funeral in a video that has gone viral.
It shows the woman standing at a graveside in what is believed to be Coltswood Cemetery in the North Lanarkshire town.
Looking up to the sky, while surrounded by other loved ones, she breaks into Millie Small’s 1965 hit ‘My Boy Lollipop’ in a distinctively Scottish style.

Evening Times readers have voiced their support for the woman on our Facebook page.

One wrote: “Thought it was brilliant People need to lighten up nowadays. Hope somebody bursts into a song at mines.”
Another said: “Absolutely brilliant send off. Funeral that will not be forgotten in a long time. Well done for having the courage to sing.”

“I think this is wonderful. We all handle grief in different ways. Her mum loved that song and there is very much a place for laughter when you are grieving, especially celebrating something your loved one loved. She brightened up people’s day on the hardest of days. That’s special,” was another positive comment.