All Eminem’s tattoos and their meaning

Located in the upper right arm: This tattoo was tattooed over another tattoo whiting “EMINEM”, as you can see the tattoo contains a picture of Hailie surrounded by roses and with “Bonnie and Clyde” written below it

In the lower right arm: “D” stands for D12 his band and Detroit

Located in the right forearm: A tattoo of a scroll with Hailie Jade written on it

On the right wrist are the words slit me

Located in the upper left arm: A cartoon representing Eminem with Slim Shady written on it, and “Ronnie R.I.P” written below

In the middle right arm there is an old fashioned car with a building behind it, representing Detroit

On the lower left arm the number 12 representing D12

On the left wrist a tribal bracelet

Located in the middle left arm there is a skull with a rose

A gravestone of Kim and the words rot in pieces below

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