7 Strange 8 Mile Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Starting from the beginning! Did you know that they came up with the movie name when it was almost done?

UDP: Untitled Detroit Project

8 Mile Road


Yes that’s how it used to be called before they came up with 8 Mile.

Lose Yourself Paper sold out for 10000$

Lose Yourself


Believe it or not but that small piece of paper holding lose yourself lyrics sold out in auction for 10000$.

Movie made its money on the first weekend


It didn’t take long, actually only a weekend to pass the production spends for the movie “41 Million $”.

Someone got very famous

Anthony Mackie aka Papa Doc

Anthony appeared for the first time on the screen on 8 Mile and since then it has become one of the greatest actors.

Mekhi Pfeiffer nearly died!


He nearly passed on the movie because he was asked to fly to Detroit two days after the 9/11 attacks in New York.

Eminem lost 11kg to play the role

Eminem lost 11kg in 8 mile

Working at a hotel

In the original script B-rabbit worked at a hotel carrying rich people’s bags and had a lot of problems with his boss.

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