50 Cent thinks that Eminem is making a bad career approach

During his interview for his new series 50 Central , 50 Cent gave some advice to  Eminem on his career approach for his ninth solo album.

During the 48 min interview 50 Cent said that his friend Eminem is making a bad decision on his new album. This decision he says will negatively effect its popularity.

It has been four years since the “Marshall Mathers LP” and as we all know Eminem always goes disappearing, this disappearance 50 Cent says is not a good thing for his career.

“You know what I want him to do, I just want him to come out,” 50 said of the album rollout. “Because Em is like, he’s from the period where not being available sustained your energy, and I don’t think that that’s necessarily how you have to sustain it now. Because as long as you stay current with things that are in front of you to sustain your relevance, you can just be there and people see you.”

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“The visibility will make you matter, versus when you go away now, you gotta re-excite me completely,” he continued. “Why should I be excited about this when I haven’t seen him in lord knows how long?”

But even though 50 Cent has a point, Eminem still lists on the top charts for popularity