5 Things We Learned From Eminem’s ‘Vulture’ Interview

A weight has finally been lifted off of Eminem’s shoulders as the rapper recently released his long-awaited album, Revival, his first since 2013. The album saw a pensive Eminem reflecting on everything from his personal life to the current political climate, a subject Em has never shied away from, including on his 2016 loosie “Campaign Speech” and his blistering freestyle at the 2017 BET Awards.

Eminem has long-expressed his disdain for President Trump. In a new interview with Vulture, Em explains why Trump “makes my blood boil,” and dished on other topics such as his place in the current rap landscape, his dating life and which album of his he felt was “mediocre.”

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Here are five things we learned from Eminem’s Vulture interview.

He Doesn’t Like Trump…At All

Eminem’s tolerance for Trump is at an all-time low; that much was made clear on a slew of Revival’s deep cuts including “Like Home” ( “Time to bury him, so tell him to prepare to get impeached”) and “Offended.” When speaking to Vulture, Em said that he can no longer enjoy watching the news because of Trump and his antics.

The Detroit rapper admitted that at one point, he entertained the idea of Trump in office, but after Trump announced his presidential campaign in a speech where he said Mexico is “bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” Em’s anti-Trump tour began. Given Trump’s knack for tweeting, Em revealed that he has pre-planned responses should Trump decide to fire back at him.

“The people that support him are the people he cares about the least and they don’t even realize it,” he continued. “At what point do you — a working-class citizen, someone who’s trying to make shit better for you and your family — think this guy who’s never known struggle his entire f—ing life, who avoided the military because of bone spurs, who says he’s a billionaire, is really looking out for you? He’s got people brainwashed.”

He’s Dabbling With Dating Apps Like Tinder and Grindr

Eminem not only had to adjust to the new wave of rap music but apparently the dating world as well because the rapper is officially on Tinder — yes, Tinder. Following the demise of his marriage to Kim Mathers, Em decided to download the Tinder app with the hopes of meeting someone but “nothing’s panned out in a way that I wanted to make it public,” he said. When the dating app didn’t work, the rapper resorted to strip clubs but nothing came of that either.

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Em Considers 2004’s Encore a “Bad” Album

Due to an early leak and battling a drug addiction, Eminem’s 2004 album Encore wasn’t the album he initially set out to give fans. “I recorded that towards the height of my addiction. I remember four songs leaked and I had to go to L.A. and get Dre and record new ones,” he said. “I was in a room by myself writing songs in 25, 30 minutes because we had to get it done, and what came out was so goofy.” Despite his thoughts on the album, it sold 711,000 copies in just three days, giving Em the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200.

To Him, JAY-Z Is a Role Model for Longevity in Rap

It takes a certain kind of rapper to remain influential and relevant in the rap world, and according to Eminem, JAY-Z has the formula down pat. Hov dropped off his latest album 4:44 in June, a far cry from the street rhymes that catapulted him to fame in the ’90s, but he managed to garner the attention of listeners both young and old.

“What I love about him is that he’s figured out a way to stay relevant without conforming,” Em offered. “He’s so good at what he does that he makes people follow him, which is super interesting because one of the things that’s great about hip-hop is that it hasn’t been around so long that we know what a full career is supposed to look like.”

He Created the “Ken Kaniff” Character to Challenge the Public’s Perception of Him

Since his debut, Eminem’s lyrics have been criticized for being homophobic and misogynistic, among other things and often felt like his lyrics were “blown out of proportion.”

“The first time I got a taste of being called anti-gay was on ‘My Name Is’ when I said, ‘My English teacher wanted to have sex in junior high / The only problem was my English teacher was a guy.” All I was saying was I don’t swing that way. So when I started getting flak for it, I thought, All right, you people think I’m homophobic?”‘ Em created the Ken Kaniff character — from “Ken Kaniff (Skit)” off The Slim Shady LP — to “push the buttons of people who were calling me something that I wasn’t.”

The “Walk on Water” rapper insisted that he doesn’t discriminate against anyone, especially since that’s the reason he dislikes Trump. His controversial lyrics stem from his experiences as a battle rapper, which he said taught him to capture the attention of listeners from the first few lines of a rap but later admitted that he may have taken his rhymes too far.