16 People Who Are Too Extra For This World

We all love a sprinkling of extra on our lives (especially if it’s Salt Bae doing the sprinkling), but most of us will never be able to compete with the next displays of over-the-topness (I know that’s not a word, but for the sake of being extra…).

Some might say the next people went too far, some might say they’re downright ridiculous, but one thing’s for sure, they definitely nailed it!

1. Lighting is key

2. You do what you got to

3. It’s your last year to make that big impression

4. Imagine your friends staging a whole photo shoot just because you went on a date.

5. Didn’t I just say lighting is everything? I want to see that pepperoni glisten

6. This our generation’s version of “yelling it from a mountain top”

7. Everyone in this picture…smh

8. Sometimes, you’ve got to make sacrifices

9. But why?

10. Those are not shower curtains, they’re drapes from the White House

11. Literally attached at the hip

12. And I barely have the motivation to put on real pants in the morning

13. Well, how else are you supposed to spend your Saturday?!

14. A sweater to put all ugly Christmas sweaters to shame

15. Chips don’t expire, right?

16. Not it’s not creepy, it’s caring