15 Insane Pictures Our World Spewed Out

Open the door to the padded room and unfold the straight jacket, because things are about to get crazy. Something just ain’t right with these 10 pictures, and the fact that they even exist proves this is one muddled, mixed up, insane world.

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1. Another win for the panoramic camera function.

2. When you accidentally cut off your finger and the doctor attaches one from a little girl.

3. That lock is definitely a good idea. You don’t want anyone stealing that bad boy.

4. “Cool set up, bro.”

5. You know the cleaning staff had to rock-paper-scissor who was going to do this room.

6. Wait for it. Your brain is about to spasm.

7. The definition of not going down without a fight.

8. Frogs fencing under a glass dome. Clearly, the world needed this to be in it.

9. This is the reason people go south for the winter.

It looks like the soul of the stop sign is rising from its frozen corpse.

10. Just a wonderful aerial photo of a wedding ceremony…

…with a weird black mass happening in the background.

11. Worst day of show and tell ever!

12. But where are his four teenage turtle children, who are possibly mutants and/or ninjas? 

13. The things you learn in the army… 

14. Science has gone too far this time.

15. All the candy in the world won’t make this day any better!