12 Archaeological Finds That Don’t Look Like They’re From Earth

Archaeology isn’t always the most interesting of subjects; not until there is some sort of jaw-dropping type of discovery, that is. The time they discovered the legendary lost civilization of the Monkey God, for instance. What we find of past civilizations, cultures and cities is astounding and eye-opening. It helps paint a much clearer picture of the world that existed before our time, and sometimes the history books just do not have it right. Here are some archaeological finds you may never have read about in history class.
1. The Unfinished Obelisk.

2. Stone Age Tunnels.

3. Costa Rica’s Stone Spheres.

4. The Voynich Manuscript.

5. The Mount Owen Moa.

6. Göbekli Tepe.

7. L’Anse aux Meadows.

8. Mohenjo-daro.

9. Yonaguni Monument.

This massive underwater structure can be found off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan. Containing flat edges and 90° angles, there is still debate as to whether the site is natural or man-made formations.

10. The Longyou Grottoes.

These large artificial caves found in China are carved from siltstone and their origins are still a mystery. They are thought to date to a period before the Qin Dynasty in 212 BCE; however, there is no sign of them in any of the history.

11. The Gate of the Sun.

Located in Bolivia and standing at 13,000 feet, the area is claimed to be the cradle of the first humans on Earth. The gate is decorated in engravings that are believed to represent astronomical and/or astrological significance.

12. Saksaywaman.

On the outskirts of Peru lies this fortress of polished dry stones and boulders cut to fit together tightly without mortar. In fact, they fit so tightly that not even a sheet of paper is able to penetrate them.