10 things you probably didn’t know about Eminem

1- Eminem was sued by his mother for using her name on ‘my name is’

2- When he was a teenager Eminem was shot on the road to Kim’s house

3- Eminem was helped by Elton Jones to get cleaned from his drug addiction

4-‘Cleaning out my closet’ was originally the main track on 8 Mile, but Eminem changed it and choose Lose Yourself

5- He failed school 3 times and in the end dropped out. School was just not for him, and still he has the widest variety of words in his songs of all rappers

6-Eminem has a radio station called Shade 45

7- The hook of ‘lose it’ was written by Eminem in 30 seconds

8- Eminem is the winner of 13 Grammys so far

9- Aside from rapping Eminem wanted to become a comic book writer

10- A picture made of m&m’s was made for Eminem

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